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Full Trim Service

£175 standard wing

£155 mini wing

£195 tandem wing

A full trim service for your paraglider includes the following:

ID wing

Porosity Check

Measurements are taken in 3 places on the top surface, 10 – 20cm in from the leading edge using a JDC porosimeter. If readings are low or inconsistent, further readings are taken.

Line Strength Check

Main and mid centre A/C lines are checked, further lines will be checked if results are poor, lines worn or old. The amount of tests depends on the age of the wing and the line material, we have the experience to know what tests are required. We have our custom-built test rig, actuator driven and a calibrated load cell giving highly accurate readings. Replaced lines are £12.50 each.

Cloth Tear Strength

The tear strength of the cloth is checked using a Bettsometer, the industry standard for this application.

Visual line Inspection

All lines are visually checked for damage to the sheathing, wear around maillons, kinks, pulled weave and worn/damaged stitching. Any damaged lines will be replaced. If it’s many lines we will contact you with a quote.

Replacement lines – £12.50 each.

Visual Cloth inspection

The top and bottom surfaces are checked over our purpose-built lightbox, this shows up any tears, holes, wear, damage to the fabric and other issues. Any small holes will be patched, if there are a lot then there will be an extra cost. If large tears or damage are found we will quote you for the repairs. Also checked are seams, line tabs. The wing is then hung up by the trailing edge to check internal ribs, cross bracing, reinforcing and battens, any debris, sand, stones etc are removed.

Riser check

Webbing, stitching, metalwork, pulleys, line tidies are checked for wear and damage, pulleys lubricated if required,

Line length Check

All lines are measured along their total length from the riser to the underside of the canopy using the latest laser technology. The results are downloaded onto our software, this gives a precise view of the trim. If necessary, adjustments are made using different knots on the maillons, midlines or in extreme cases lines may need to be replaced. Trim adjustment does vary so the cost is either £15 or £30 for extensive adjustment.

We were the first in the UK to use this system and have been using it since 2008.

For Nova and Skywalk wings, we use the same system but with the manufacturers own software systems, this keeps your wing in warranty.

Written Report

Clear line measure and trim results. If at any part of the service the wing is found to be in poor condition, we will contact you before carrying on.

Most manufacturers recommend a full service every two years or 150hrs.

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