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Harness Repair

From £15

We believe that a harness repair is a serious job: your life depends on it. We’ve been doing harness repairs since the first paragliding harnesses were produced. We also specialise in Kite Repairs and Paraglider Repairs. We have worked on many makes and models, so we know exactly what to look for.

We’ll inspect the damage and quote you a fair price. We can even repair cut webbing and airbags!

We will repair it with industrial strength stitching.

If it's stitched, we can fix it, and our work is guaranteed!

All harness repairs are guaranteed for 2 years. We are completely confident of our sewing.

We are closed today.

Sorry, but due to Covid, we cannot staff the workshop today (Friday 1st July) and tomorrow. We hope to be back for Monday. Apologies for any delays caused.  We are still accepting bookings. Thank you.