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About our Wing Foil repairs

Welcome to The Loft Workshop – Your Premier Destination for Wing Foil Repair!

At The Loft Workshop, we have a long-standing history of excellence in repairing surf kites and paragliders. Since 1989, we’ve been dedicated to restoring paragliders, and from 1999, we’ve mastered the art of surf kite repairs. We are proud to share that we’ve gained the approval of many UK importers, making us the largest and most experienced paraglider and kite repair center in the UK.

Why Choose The Loft Workshop for Wing Foil Repair?

1. Decades of Experience: With over three decades of experience, we’re seasoned experts in the repair of paragliders and surf kites. Our wealth of knowledge ensures that your equipment is in the best possible hands.

2. Approved by UK Importers: Our commitment to quality has earned us the trust of UK importers. When you choose us, you’re choosing a repair center that meets the highest standards.

3. Precise and Durable Repairs: Our repairs are not only precise but also built to last. We use original kite materials, ensuring that your wing foil will be as strong and fly as well as it did before the damage occurred.

4. Color Matching: In most cases, we can seamlessly match the color, making the repair virtually invisible. Your equipment will look as good as new.

5. Sectional Repairs: We have the capability to replace sections on the leading edge and panels on the main body. Instead of replacing entire panels, we focus on addressing the damaged area, which is not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly.

6. Inner Bladder Repairs: Even large tears near seams can be repaired, preserving the integrity of your wing foil. If repairs are not feasible, we can supply replacements to ensure you’re back in action.

If your wing foil is showing signs of wear and tear, don’t let it keep you grounded or out of the waves. Trust The Loft Workshop for top-notch wing foil repair, where precision, durability, and decades of experience come together to revive your equipment.

Book in today to schedule your wing foil repair. Your adventure is our passion, and we’re here to keep it alive! Choose The Loft Workshop, where excellence in repair is our legacy.

We do any repair, large or small, and our work is guaranteed!

We are closed today.

Sorry, but due to Covid, we cannot staff the workshop today (Friday 1st July) and tomorrow. We hope to be back for Monday. Apologies for any delays caused.  We are still accepting bookings. Thank you.