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About Us

The rip stops here

We are the most experienced paraglider repair and service experts in the UK. Due to this we are approved by virtually all the paraglider manufacturers.

We repack reserves, repair wings and kites, and service paragliders every day.

As we have worked on more makes and models than any other repair centre in the UK, we know what to look for on each glider and what the specific problems may be. Our experience in manufacturing harnesses and custom suspension systems means we understand how to repair load-bearing fabric and webbing.

We are also experts at kite repairs, and can even repair burst inner tubes.

Meet Our Team

Mike Millwood

Mike has been flying since 1986, first on hang gliders and from 1988 on paragliders. He and Mark Turner were the first paraglider pilots to fly from Combe Gibbet to the Isle of Wight over 50 miles away, landing at the Airwave Factory after crossing the Solent. He held site records, flew in the British Team and the Paragliding Nationals until 1996. Mike started working in the hang gliding and paragliding industry in 1989 making harnesses and accessories. He learned the trade from a professional freefall parachute rigger, and ran a repair workshop for many years before setting up a paragliding school. He formed The Loft in 1997.



The son of a seamstress, Eddy also flew paragliders in Holland and in the Alps. He received his training at The Loft and has been a permanent staff member since 2007.



Claire has years of experience at The Loft and she joins us when our workload is high. She is an expert in kite repairs, product manufacturing and administration.

We are closed today.

Sorry, but due to Covid, we cannot staff the workshop today (Friday 1st July) and tomorrow. We hope to be back for Monday. Apologies for any delays caused.  We are still accepting bookings. Thank you.