Paraglider Service Deals

Choose from a Full Trim Service, Standard Service or a Technical Service.  If you want to have your reserve repacked, a harness inspection or repairs to any of your kit, select the options and give us as much information as possible. You can upload images of any damage if you think it might help us with any diagnosis. If you would like to have selected checks click here.
  • Select the service you require, fill in all the details and check out. 
  • An account will be created for you where your details will be stored. 
  • You will be placed in the queue. 
  • When we are ready to receive your kit, you will be notified by email. 
  • If you have chosen to use our courier service, the shipping labels will be sent via a separate email, and collection will be booked for the following day. You can manage the collection via the mobile UPS app. 
  • Depending on the chosen service, we will inspect your kit and contact you if there are any extra charges before we proceed. 
  • On completion of the service and payment is made, we will return the items or inform you it’s ready for collection.
  • A £10 deposit is made at the time of booking.
  • On completion, you will receive a final invoice.
  • If there are any repairs or line replacements required that are found during the service, a quote will be sent for approval, if requested.
  • We use UPS,
  • When we are ready to receive your items we will notify you by email with your shipping labels.
  • A collection will be arranged for the next working day. Collections are scheduled during the week 9:00 – 17:00.
  • You can view your delivery status either from the UPS Mobile app available for your smartphone or online at (sign up with the same email address used to book your service). Status updates are also available in the My Loft area on our website.

    If you are sending your kit to us via our fully insured chosen courier service (UPS currently) please ensure that you use a strong cardboard box and it is sealed appropriately. Please do not use branded tape and don’t reveal what is inside the box on any labelling. Failure to follow these requirements could invalidate any insurance claim.

    The maximum weight for a single package is 25kg
    The maximum length of any side must be less than 100cm (the smaller the better)

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