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Line measure/Nova NTT/Skywalk Checkair


The trim of every glider (of any manufacturer) changes with time. The effects of a wrong trim setting on safety, performance and handling can be serious. Bad take-off behaviour or poor collapse recovery is likely.


All lines are measured along their total length from the riser to the underside of the canopy using the latest laser technology. The results are downloaded onto our software this helps us to find the perfect adjustments to achieve the best possible trim setting. You will notice the improvement in terms of increased performance, safety and pleasure in flight. Any necessary adjustments are made using different knots on the maillons, midlines or in extreme cases lines may need to be replaced. Trim adjustment does vary so the cost is either £15 or £30 for extensive adjustment.

For Nova and Skywalk wings, we use the same system but with the manufacturers own software systems, this keeps your wing in warranty.

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