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replacement lines for paraglider

So let’s assume you’ve found a broken or damaged line on your paraglider. You’ve ordered a replacement line from The Loft and you have it to hand. But how do you get to the damaged one?

It’s quite simple, and should take you no more than 11 minutes.

  1. Tie the risers to a doorknob at full stretch, so they won’t get tangled.
  2. Hold the lower part of the broken line, pull it away from the door, then run your hands down the taught line cascades until you reach the riser maillon.
  3. Undo the maillon and remove the lines, noting the order.
  4. Work your way up the line that leads to the broken one, working the loops free as you go and running the whole line out of the loop.
  5. At each line branch, follow the one that leads directly to the damaged line. Be very careful to leave the other lines in their positions (not looped under or over lines from other cascades).
  6. Remove the damaged line and replace it with your new one.
  7. Gather the branch lines so that they create a common base loop, and pull them to check there are no lines looped under or over them.
  8. Push the head of the line from the lower cascade through the common base loop, and slide its tail through its head, pulling tight.
  9. Repeat 7-8 with the next branch lines, until you’ve reached the maillon.
  10. Insert the base lines in order, secure with a rubber O-ring, and close the maillon with a gentle turn of a wrench
  11. Do a quick symmetry check on the replaced line, comparing its length with the same line on the opposite half of the wing.

It’s a very good idea to do a test-inflation before flying the wing! Look carefully at the area of the replacement line to see if any rigging looks strange.

With a little practise, it becomes easy, and it saves you having to send your wing away. In a future article, we’ll investigate how to use our travel repair kit to do an instant repair, saving you a few flying days in the process.

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