Line Replacement

Paragliding line made to measure and matched as close as possible to manufacturer’s spec.


Due to manufacturers using different systems to make up their lines, the line lengths on wings do not always match up with the line plans, also lengths can vary according to the material used and load it's been under. So the ideal way to get the exact length is to send the same line from the opposite side of the wing to the damaged one to us. We can then use this to make the replacement the exact length, otherwise use our online form. To find the line code you need for ordering your replacement line you can find the line plans on the manufacturer's website otherwise email us and we will forward the line plan. All lines are measured with 5kg of tension so be aware of this when comparing new lines against old ones, also damaged lines can shrink as well as stretch. If you do replace lines, always do a symmetry check and test inflation before flying.

Can't find your line code?

Most line plans can be found on the manufacturer's website and will have been supplied with your glider when bought new. If you cannot locate the code please specify below the line group, cascade and line number.