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Paraglider Repair

From £15

We love to repair paragliders, paramotor wings and speed flying wings. We also specialise in Kite Repairs and Harness Repairs. We hold a large selection of cloth, webbing and lines, so we can usually match the materials for a quick turnaround, or get them sent directly from the manufacturers.

Get the wing to us or email pictures for a quote, if sending in let us know or mark where damage is. If damage is extensive we would advise a cloth check first. There are usually several options for canopy repairs from full panel to part panel replacement.

We will contact you with different repair options and quotes.


Guide prices

Replace small panel top surface from £35 + vat

Full panel from leading edge to trailing edge top surface from £90

Full panel from leading edge to trailing edge underside from £120

Part panel – Replacement of damaged part of the cell ( using same cloth as rest of panel so the only difference would be an extra one or two seams ) from £35. This is the cheaper option for repairs to large panels.

If it's torn, we can fix it, and our work is guaranteed!

All repairs are guaranteed for 2 years. We are completely confident of our sewing.

Need some paraglider repair supplies?

Alternatively you can remove the damaged line and its symmetric opposite and post them to us. We will match the line length, which might be slightly different to the original manufacturer spec. This ensures that your trim remains even (assuming all lines have stretched by a similar amount). If you are uncertain about how to remove individual lines and how to rerig them, you should not be attempting this advanced-level operation on your own – please book the wing in for a repair.
repair tape on paraglider

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Sorry, but due to Covid, we cannot staff the workshop today (Friday 1st July) and tomorrow. We hope to be back for Monday. Apologies for any delays caused.  We are still accepting bookings. Thank you.